Campus Commons – Phase 1 LEED Benefits

Campus Commons Phase 1 has achived LEED For Homes SILVER certification. LEED is an internationally recognized certification for following green building practices. Buildings designed and built to LEED standards use leading technology to increase energy savings and water efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve the indoor environmental quality of the building. The benefits of LEED include everything from lower energy bills to better air quality, below is a list of some of the benefits specific to Campus Commons Phase 1:

Energy Savings

  • The buildings are designed to meet Energy Star performance requirements, reducing home energy usage by at least 15% below building code requirements
  • Good insulation and draft free construction techniques make for an efficient comfortable home
  • Windows are energy efficient
  • Heating and Air conditioning equipment is right sized for the home, making it more comfortable year round and minimizing energy costs
  • The lighting design utilizes energy efficient fixtures
  • Refrigerator is Energy Star rated for minimum energy usage

Water Efficiency

  • All lawn and landscaped areas are watered by rain and snow melt eliminating the need for irrigation.
  • Very high efficiency plumbing fixtures, clothes washers and dishwashers save water usage, reducing consumption and cost.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Many building materials are locally sourced which reduces the carbon footprint of the buildings
  • Bamboo Flooring, a renewable resource, is used throughout the buildings
  • Construction site recycling incorporated

Living Quality

  • A stringent durability plan is third party verified to ensure quality construction and no water infiltration which can lead to mold and mildew creating unhealthy indoor air quality
  • Before occupancy all buildings and the ducts for HVAC will be flushed with continuously moving, filtered air to remove any contaminants from construction
  • Units have hard surface flooring throughout, either Bamboo or Ceramic Tile to prevent mold and prevent the buildup of allergens in carpet
  • Nearly silent Bath fans run on minimal flow 24 hours a day to constantly introduce fresh air into the units; maximum flow can be turned on with a fan switch when desired
  • Windows have low e glass that blocks UV light and prevents fading of rugs and furniture
  • The plumbing system utilizes compact design and well insulated piping which allows for quick hot water delivery
  • Buildings have Radon evacuation systems to prevent Radon gas buildup in the home