The Quarter offers the ultimate College experience. Located on South Campus Avenue, it’s like living on-campus – with the freedom of having your own place.

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Recreation Enjoy Miami’s state-of-the-art Recreational Sports Center. The sports center offers something for everyone: Two-story fitness center, swimming pools, basketball, volleyball, indoor jogging track, and much more. Perhaps Hockey is your interest. Take in a game at Goggin Ice Center or use the facility.

Classes/King Library Studying and getting to classes is a breeze when you live in The Quarter. With the campus just across the street, you can sleep in late and still make it to class on time. And King Library always offers a quiet and convenient place to study.

High Street Coffee houses, restaurants, shopping, and an exciting night life, are all things High Street has to offer. It’s easy to head uptown with friends when you need a break or just want to have fun. And with all of this just a few blocks away; there’s no need to worry about driving or parking.

On-Campus Dining Not everyone’s a cook, and living in The Quarter you don’t have to be. Use one of Miami’s off-campus meal plans and walk to Central and South Quad dining halls, or visit one of Miami’s numerous cafes. Click here and select "Meal Plans and Miami ID card" for more information on on-campus dining.

Campus Transit The BCRTA buses, free for students, offer an easy and convenient way to get around campus and the town. Stops for all of the major lines, including those going to Walmart and Krogers, are located less than a block from the SCQ office.

Parking Parking can be difficult in Oxford. All our units offer at least one free parking space per unit, with some units offering multiple spaces. In addition, Miami’s Campus Avenue Parking garage is located across the street. The garage is open to the general public for a fee and eligible students may purchase a parking pass for unlimited access. For more information visit Miami’s Parking and Transportation Services page.

Health Services While we hope you don’t get sick, it is reassuring to know that Miami’s Student Health Services (SHS) center is across the street.