Frequently Asked Questions

Why live in The Quarter?
Living in The Quarter offers the best of the Miami experience. Enjoy off-campus living with all the convenience of on-campus living. From quaint one bedroom apartments to state-of-the-art green-designed four bedroom duplexes; South Campus Quarter offers it all!

Located on South Campus Avenue, The Quarter offers the ultimate in convenience. Step across the street and enjoy Miami’s Recreational Sports Center or drop in on a Hockey game at Goggin Ice Center. Classes and King Library are just steps away. Want to live off Campus but don’t always feel like cooking, use one of Miami’s off-campus meal plans and walk to Central and South Quad dining halls, or visit one of Miami’s numerous cafes. The night life in Oxford can be fun and exciting, and with High Street only a few blocks away, you can walk Uptown with no need to worry about parking or driving home. And if you don’t want to walk, you can always take the BCRTA buses. They offer an easy and convenient way to get around, and service runs along both South Campus Ave and Main Street. Come experience The Quarter!


How do I lease a unit?
See our Leasing page for information.
Is there an application fee or any hidden fees?
There are no application fees or hidden fees. You are responsible for your security deposit and your rent.
What lease terms are available?
We offer school year leases with semester rent payments. Our 308 S. Campus Ave. Apartments are our only units that are on a full year lease with monthly rent payments. Tenants on semester rent payments have the option to apply for monthly rent payments. We also offer reasonably priced summer semester leases to our school year tenants.
Do you offer Fall or Spring semester only leases?
Occasionally we offer a limited number of single semester leases. Contact the office for details. In addition, single semester subletting options are available. Visit our Roommates Needed List for subletting availability or call our office for more details.
How much is rent?
We offer a variety of units, from economical one bedroom apartments to newly built contemporary duplexes. Visit our Properties page to view available units and rates. Rates are subject to change; for the most accurate information call the office at 513-523-1647.
What type of security deposit is required?
A reasonable security deposit is collected for each unit and is due at lease signing. For security deposit information on a specific property, please visit our Leasing page.
Can I add extra people to my lease, and what is the cost?
Oxford has strict regulations on the number of unrelated people that can occupy a rental. Some of our 2 bedroom units are zoned to allow 4 people and others 3 people, and a few of our 1 bedroom units are zoned to allow 2 people. The pricing on these units is based on the premise that one person will occupy each bedroom. If you would like to add an extra person, then there will be a modest increase in rent; contact our office at 513-523-1647 for pricing information. Our 4 bedroom duplexes and single family houses are zoned to only allow 4 people, so additional people may not be added in these units.
I want to rent in Campus Commons but don’t have four people, can you help?
Because we find tenants prefer to room with people they know, we encourage them to find their own roommates. We do keep a Roommates Needed List to help assist you in locating roommates. If you want to be added to this list, send an email to, subject line “Roommates Needed,” and include your name, phone number, email, floor plan, number of people needed, time period (e.g. 2020-21 school year, both semesters), and any additional details you would like posted.
Can I move in early and/or move out late?
Your move in date is set in your lease, but if you find you need to move in early or move out late, come talk with the office. Provided the unit is available, we offer early move-in and late move-out options. We also offer summer session leases to our school year tenants. Contact the office for details.
I need somewhere to store my stuff until my lease begins; do you have somewhere I can store it?
Returning tenants may leave their possessions in their apartment over the summer for a minimal storage fee. Because you are only renting storage, you will need to take the utilities out of your name and turn in your keys. If you want 24/7 access, reasonably priced summer leases are available. Summer storage is also offered to new tenants, provided the unit is available. If the unit is not available, we do have a limited number of storage rooms that may be rented for the same fee. View our Leasing page for summer storage and rent pricing.
What happens if I need to break my lease?
Your lease is a binding legal document; once you sign, you are responsible for the terms outlined in your lease.
Can I sublet my unit?
Yes. You will need the permission of your roommates and the Landlord. The person you wish to sublet to will need to fill out an application and come into the office to sign a sublet lease. There is a modest fee for subletting a unit. Understand that you are still responsible for the condition of the apartment when you are subletting.

Rent Payment

When/where/how do I pay my rent?
View our Tenant Resources page for information.
What happens if I’m late with my rent payment?
Rent is due on the date specified in your lease; however, we do have a grace period of five days. A late fee will be charged for each day outside this grace period.
What happens if I bounce a check?
A return check fee, in the amount stated in your lease or the amount assessed against the landlord, whichever is greater, is charged.


Are the units furnished?
Yes and no. Campus Commons, our newest units, are partially furnished, with furniture in the common living area. This furniture consists of two sofas, one end table, one coffee table, four stools, and a small area rug. You will need to bring your own bedroom furniture. The rest of our units are not furnished. These units are offered at a very economical price and we have found that students prefer to provide their own furniture, enjoying this cost savings.
Are there laundry facilities?
Yes. Campus Commons, Remodeled Campus Courts units, and houses have a washer and dryer in each unit. Non- Remodeled Campus Courts and Bern Street Apartments have laundry facilities in each building and the apartments at 308 S. Campus Ave. have access to both Campus Courts and Bern Street Apartments’ laundry facilities.
Do the units have Air Conditioning?
Are pets allowed?
While we are sympathetic to the desire to have a pet, pets are not allowed at South Campus Quarter. This includes but is not limited to any visiting pets and 4 Paws for Ability training dogs.
What happens if I get locked out of my unit?
Visit our Tenants Resources page for information on what to do if you are locked out of your unit.
What do I do if I need to contact Maintenance?
Visit our Tenants Resources page for information on how to contact maintenance.
What utilities am I responsible for?
Different properties in The Quarter have different requirements for utilities. Visit our Tenant Resources page for more detail or check the details listed under each property on our Properties page.
Do you offer high-speed internet/cable TV?
Because there are numerous options available for both cable TV and internet, we like to give our tenants the freedom to choose their own service. It is up to you to arrange for internet and/or cable in your unit. For some helpful resources please see our Tenant Resources page.
Is off-street parking available and do I have to pay?
Yes, off-street parking is available. All units at Campus Courts, Bern Street Apartments, and 308 S. Campus Ave. Apartments are offered one free parking space per unit. Tenants will need to decide between themselves who will take the free parking space and must register their car by August 1 to claim the free space. If neither Tenant claims the spot it will become available in our Parking Space Lottery. Tenants who want additional parking may enter the lottery; lottery winners pay a fee for their spot.

The units at Campus Commons have multiple free off-street parking spaces, with many of the units having garages. In addition, Campus Commons tenants are eligible to apply to the City of Oxford for permit parking on the street in front of their unit. The City charges a nominal fee and each residence is eligible for four parking passes, 2 residential parking and 2 permanent guest passes.

I'm thinking of renting a Campus Commons floor plan A, B, C, or D unit, what is LEED and how does it benefit me?
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized certification for following green building practices. Buildings designed and built to LEED standards use leading technology to increase energy savings and water efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve the indoor environmental quality of the building. The benefits of LEED include everything from lower energy bills to better air quality. For LEED benefits specific to Campus Commons floor plans A, B, C, D, visit Campus Commons LEED Benefits page.
What special amenities do you offer?
Since we have such a variety of different housing styles it is impossible to summarize in one paragraph what each unit has to offer. Please visit the Properties Page to find out what makes each one a great place to live. The one thing that all our properties share, however, is their amazing location. The Rec Center is across the street so you can easily visit the best workout facility in town. And with High Street just a few blocks away, you have access to coffee houses, movies, shopping, and restaurants. Also, because we’re located right next to Miami’s Campus, there’s no need to drive or take a bus to get to classes. For more about all the benefits of living in The Quarter please visit our Location Page.