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Maintenance Requests

Routine Maintenances: Report routine maintenance and minor repair requests to the office at maint@southcampusquarter.com. Include your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of your maintenance request. You may also call the office during business hours with your request.

If all electricity is out in the area you should contact Duke Energy at 1-800-543-5599 or at www.duke-energy.com to see when service will be restored.

For smoke detector malfunction (smoke detector is going off and there is no fire) it is NOT an emergency and emergency maintenance should not be called. You will need to reset the smoke detector or replace the battery. If it continues to go off you will need to disconnect it and contact the office. South Campus Quarter will repair or replace the malfunctioning smoke detector during normal business hours.

Emergency Maintenances: An emergency maintenance request is one that cannot wait until regular business hours and includes situations such as fire, flood, furnace not producing heat during cold weather, and sewer backups.

If there is a fire, you should immediately call 911. There are also fire extinguishers in each unit.

An emergency maintenance should be reported immediately to 513-523-1647. If it is after hours, follow the directions on voicemail. Any maintenance problem not reported immediately causing excessive damage will be the Tenants’ responsibility and the Tenants will be billed accordingly.

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Rent payments and due dates

South Campus Quarter accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and bank account payments.

Make checks payable to: South Campus Quarter
Mail to: P.O. Box 622, Hamilton, OH 45012
To ensure payment is applied correctly, please include your rental address on your check.

Credit Cards and Bank Accounts:
Use Pay button on menu or click here.
Credit Card payments have a 3.99% fee.
Bank Account payments have no fee.

You may also pay in the office at any time. If the office is closed, use the mail slot in the door for checks. If you wish to pay in cash, you must pay in person during office hours, when a receipt will be issued. Do NOT mail cash, or put cash through the mail slot in the door.

Semester Rent Due Dates:
Fall Semester – August 1 st
Spring Semester – January 15 th
Summer Session – May 1 st

Monthly Rent Due Dates:
If you are on a lease that has monthly payments, your rent is due on the 1st of each month.

Financial Aid Recipients Rent Due Dates:
Fall Semester Financial Aid Recipients – September 1 st (FA process must be completed)
Spring Semester Financial Aid Recipients – February 15 th (FA process must be completed)

Tenants who are using Financial Aid to pay for their semester rent and wish for additional time for disbursement of their funds must complete the following Financial Aid process and obtain written approval from South Campus Quarter. The office must receive official written documentation from tenant’s financial institution prior to July 20. Once documentation is received, tenant will receive a Financial Aid Rent Payment Addendum that they will need to sign and return to the office within 48 hours. Failure to complete this process will result in South Campus Quarter being unable to grant extra time for rent payment. Financial Aid extensions apply only to tenants paying the full semester rent (not monthly payments). Prior tenants of South Campus Quarter must re-apply each year for the deferment.

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Lock-out Service

During Business Hours: Tenants locked out of a unit during business hours should contact the office to be let in. Office staff may go down and unlock the unit or the tenant may be issued a temporary key. If the office issues a temporary key the tenant will be requested to leave their ID at the office until the key is returned.

After Business Hours: Tenants locked out after business hours should call the office, 513-523-1647, and follow the directions on the voicemail. They will need to call the emergency number listed and request a lock-out service call. The tenant will be charged a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) which must be paid in advance of gaining access to the unit to the technician responding to the call. If the Tenant has permanently lost their key, they should contact the office and get a replacement key. The fee for a replacement key is forty dollars ($40.00). Failure to return keys at the end of the lease term will result in a fee of eighty dollars ($80.00). It is in the tenant’s best interest to obtain a replacement key.

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Move-In Information

Move-In Documents are designed to help your move-in process go smoothly. If you are a returning tenant, please review the sections that pertain to you. Campus Courts, Bern Street Apartments and 308 S Campus Ave Apartments must obtain parking passes from South Campus Quarter to park in their respective lots. Campus Commons’ residents who wish to park on the street must obtain permits from the City of Oxford. Tenants are required to set-up utilities before they are issued keys; see Utility Information document or utility section below for more information.

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Move-Out Information

Move-Out Documents are designed to help your move-out process go smoothly. To facilitate and maximize your security deposit return, it is important that you follow the procedures outlined in these documents.

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Utility Information

Tenants must set-up utilities in their name starting on or before their move-in date. Written proof of transfer must be shown before any keys will be issued. You may also want to set-up internet and cable TV service. We recommend scheduling cable/internet services at least 2 weeks prior to move-in.

Required Utilities:

  • Campus Courts Non-Remodeled Apartments: Electric
  • Campus Courts Remodeled Apartments: Electric, (Water/Sewer: tenants invoiced by South Campus Quarter)
  • 308 S. Campus Ave. Apartments: Electric
  • Bern Street Apartments: Electric, Gas
  • Campus Commons Duplexes: Electric, Water/Sewer/Trash
  • 530 S. Campus Ave. & 111 Bern Street Houses: Electric, Gas, Water/Sewer/Trash

Utility Contact Information:

Electric Supplier Options:
The state of Ohio gives residents the option of selecting their electricity supplier. All residents must sign up for Duke Energy as the provider, but may then select which supplier they get their electricity from. Visit Energy Choice Ohio for information on this program. When Tenants sign up with Duke Energy their default supplier is Duke; they are not required to select a different supplier. If the Tenant chooses to select a different supplier, South Campus Quarter encourages them to do their due diligence, and make sure they understand the terms of the contract they are signing.

Gas Supplier Options:
If you are researching electric supplier options on the Energy Choice Ohio website, you will see natural gas supplier choices are also available in Ohio. Within the city of Oxford, however, Glenwood Energy is the only natural gas supplier.

Optional Cable/Internet/Phone Services Information:

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